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Free Will Astrology (6/27/18)

cancer.png 20-Feb. 18): Ecologists in Mexico City investigated why certain sparrows and finches use humans' discarded cigarette butts in building their nests. They found that cellulose acetate, a chemical in the butts, protects the nests by repelling parasitic mites. Is there a metaphorical lesson you might draw from the birds' ingenious adaptation, Aquarius? Could you find good use for what might seem to be dross or debris? My analysis of the astrological omens says that this possibility is worth meditating on. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): I suspect that sometime soon you will come into possession of an enchanted potion or pixie dust or a pouch full of magic beans — or the equivalent. If and when that occurs, consider the following protocols: 1.

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