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Here's what Monster Hunter World's Day One microtransaction prices looklike

1 As of launch day, there are 17 downloadable items available on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store , ranging in price from totally free to �11.99. At the free end of the spectrum are two new hairstyles - Provisions Manager and Field Team Leader - plus what's known as the Additional Gesture Bundle 1. This contains the Dance, Rant, and Clap gestures, as well as the Monster Hunter series' legendary Prance gesture - so thank goodness it's free, otherwise there probably would have been a riot. There is, however, also a second Gesture Bundle, which includes four more gestures - Play Possum, Kowtow, Sleep, and Kneel - for �3.99. These are also available to purchase individually at �1.69. It seems a little cheeky charging money to expand a system that's proven to be a surprisingly useful, language-independent communication tool in Monster Hunter circles, but I guess it still technically falls on the side of "cosmetic". Moving on from gestures though, there's far less scope for controversy. Day One also sees the release of three new face paint designs - Heart Shape, Shade Pattern, and Eye Shadow - for 79p each, or in a bundle for �1.69. And let's be honest, it's unlikely that there'll be too many occasions when having a heart on your cheek is essential to a successful hunt.

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